Why I am not Losing Weight?

If you think, you workout a lot and still you are not experiencing a weight loss, then there are several aspects which impact this. It is incredibly common for so many people that despite having so much exercise they are not losing weight. This does NOT mean that you are not on right track. You just have to follow some tips:

Skipping Meals:

You not eating your meals properly that is the first reason you not losing weight. It happens so many times that we are so much into hurry that we often miss breakfast. There is an important meeting and because of your improper time management, you skip your lunch in the office. You have to plan your things in advance and be more discipline if you want to lose weight.

Focus to lose fat not muscles:

When I tried to lose weight, I was so focused on my weighing scale numbers and because of that I get disappointed and skipped gyms so many times. Instead, we should focus especially on how we look into the mirror. Sometimes we were actually losing fat and gaining muscles because of that numbers are not reflected on the weighing scale.

Due to Vitamin D deficiency:

You should get your blood test done in every six months, keep a check that there is no vitamin D deficiency in your body. Vitamin D deficiency is also one of the reason due to which weight loss doesn’t happen. Try to eat Vitamin D rich food or simply sit in sun for few hours.

Inadequate Sleep:

If you are not talking proper sleep then this a is reason for no weight loss. You have to take 6 hours of sleep to get a proper result from your exercise. Fewer sleep results in Stress which is not good for health.


If your thyroid level is an imbalance, then it is also a reason for no weight loss. Consult a good dietician and get and healthy diet plan which will help to control this. Always consult your doctor for thyroid in every six months and keep your tablets up to date.


If you suffering from PCOS then it is also one of the reasons for no weight loss. Do you have irregular period cycles or Cist in your ovaries? Then there are changes you may be suffering from PCOS. Consult a gynaecologist for this and get yourself cured and then start your weight loss plan.

Hope these tips help you out to check why you are not losing weight.

Love, Sonika

13 Comments on “Why I am not Losing Weight?”

  1. I have noticed that the older that I get , the slower my metabolism becomes and I am starting to have a permanent food baby. I have insomnia so its true that maybe a lack of sleep has an effect! x

  2. This is great information, there are so many reasons that people retain weight, nine times out of ten it is an autoimmune condition of some description and it can be so frustrating.

  3. those are all valid reasons to not loosing weight. The good thing is that knowing is half the battle… for the things you can control you can change it up if you’d like. You can take Vitamins D supplements, exercise to lose calories/fat and build those muscles, and make sure you eat small portions every 2 hours to keep your metabolism working so it doesn’t slow down…

    Love your tips!

  4. Weight loss is all about following a healthy lifestyle, with a low fat diet and lots of exercise. Skipping meals are not going to help as body will go to starvation mode nad save the fat it has to survive on.

  5. Metabolism is different for different individuals. As you say it’s always a combination of various methods that work for someone. Hence the weight loss methods need to be customized to every individual.

  6. I think getting inadequate sleep is very underrated by most people who are trying to lose weight. Many people think that sleep doesn’t play a role in weight loss, but it does.Great that you shared that

  7. Honestly, now I am in my 30’s I am finding it harder to shift the excess weight, I think well not think but when super busy I miss meals, and that will help, but that simply is not the truth to loosing weight, due to the moment you eat something, all that fat piles on.

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