Do You Know These Ten Tips to Get Organized?

Getting Organized is a skill. An Organized person will be more productive and most of the times live a balanced life. LIfe of organized person remains very smooth. They tend to do several things on time. In a Nutshell, they achieve what they want to.

Is getting organized difficult? Does it require lots of commitment? Does this skill is got gifted? There are infinite questions which come in mind when we talk about getting organized. Here, I have the plan to be a catalyst for you and decode some tricks which actually worked out for me.

1. They make their bed.

Making your own bed is the least you can do. And it hardly takes 2-3 minutes. Your day starts by making things looking neat and clean & that when you come back home, you have an amazing bed already made.

2. They never leave dishes in their sink.

The sight of dirty dishes does not want to make you do them. And sometimes, it keeps just piling up. So, best is to clean them as you go (if you do not have a dishwasher) or put them in the dishwasher when you are done.

3. They do not miss their breakfast.

The organized ones do know the importance of breakfast because they do not have the lunch break in their control. Therefore, a good breakfast will keep them going for long hours. For me, a cup of coffee with proteins always work.

4. They prepare for the next day the night before

It is so important to stay organized that they keep a list of to-do’s for the next day the night before. They know exactly what their tasks are from morning to night and hence, they can plan their whole day in advance. Do you need tips?

5. They have set aside a proper time for checking emails

Emails, notifications, social media have their own stipulated time. Organized people manage that on a daily basis. For example- they have 30 minutes for emails, 1 hour or 30 minutes for social media and then they do not go back and forth on them. Also, they do those activities daily and do not miss them, unless an emergency. But I seriously can’t miss lea.luna pictures. If you don’t know who she is? She is a cute baby of yoga girl. She is so pretty that whenever I feel distracted I just start stalking her profile.

6. Reminders are their best friends.

They not just have a to-do list but a reminder set in place to tell them what they need to do at a particular time. Be it a popup or a notification, they use them for their convenience.

7. They prioritize things

It is essential to know what is needed and what is not. Which things can be done and which not! They have always prioritized and know what to let go when. Yeah, but this wasn’t worked for me last time. 🙁

8. They leave room for error but leave no room for the incompletion.

Organized people are not too hard on themselves, and thus can reschedule things and make room for adjustments. But they do not confuse adjustments with leaving stuff in between. They always complete things.

9. They only have what they need and know when to donate things.

Organized people believe in the concept of minimalism and only have things that they need or require. Also, they have learned to give away the used things when they get something new. Yes, this point os must. Donation really makes you happy.

10. They handle biggest things first.

Organized people are the early bird. They not only get up early but they handle the biggest to-do things first and then concentrate on other things.

Hope these tips help you out, don’t forget to let me know in comments below, what you like.

Love, Sonika.

Thanks for reading.