Things to Consider before Hiring Personal Coach

Virtual workout programs are at their hype, thanks to various app available in the market. They provide an easy way to work out whether it’s at home, at the park, or in the gym. But it becomes difficult to decide which app to plan you should sign up so that you get the best result.

I personally believe that a fitness coach should be available physically in the gym so that he/she can track all our progress and motivate. When there is no option available for good trainer around then apps and website are best option to go with.

These mentioned things you should consider before hiring any personal coach whether online or offline.

1. What’s my purpose?

It’s important to get clear on your goals before you can expect a trainer to help you smash them. Always tell your trainer what you expect from him and what all expectation he/she can have in you.

You should hire a trainer that understands your needs, your environment, your stress factors, only then you will be able to get best out of training. It’s also smart to seek out someone who’s an expert in what you want to achieve.

2. What kind of teachers do you like?

What was it about those people that made you respond? While you think you might need someone to berate you into showing up to do your workout, how long will that approach actually work over time? Look to your own past experiences to see what might be the type of approach that’ll get the most out of you.

Consider trainer as your friend and never be afraid to ask any questions.

3. With whom you like to hang out with?

It might seem obvious, but you should look forward to spending time with your trainer—that connection is what will keep you coming back. If you like being fun, choose a trainer who will help you have fun. If you’re more serious, choose a trainer who is serious. You need your trainer to match your energy…. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about a trainer’s background and their philosophy.

4. Trainer, instructor, or coach?

Yes, there’s a difference:: If you want to move better, find a trainer—their role is to minimize the risk of injury while insuring proper movement patterns and muscle recruitment. If you want to look better, find an instructor – a drill sergeant who will make you stronger, faster, and more powerful by instituting lessons and drills that safely test limitations. And if you want to be better, a coach creates clear-cut direction and expectations. Figure out which style works for you, and ask potential trainers which one they consider themselves to be.

5. Are they certified?

Fitness knowledge and best practices are constantly evolving, and if your trainer isn’t keeping up to date on their certs and continuing ed, you could be getting outdated—and even unsafe—guidance. Ask about certification of your trainer.

6. How much can I afford?

You want to hire someone who’s going to charge an exorbitant amount or someone who offers flexible packages. Ask your trainers about package discounts. They will generally provide you. Expect to train for at least three to five months, between three to five days a week in order to see the full benefit, as only this will provide you results.

I hope these tips will help you decide in hiring a trainer, downloading an app and especially about upgradations.

Don’t forget to tell us in comments below, have you ever hired and trainer? How these tips helped you in deciding so?

Love, Sonika

22 Comments on “Things to Consider before Hiring Personal Coach”

  1. That’s really important, to have a good sync while workout, it is must to have a trainer with whom one can gel. I would go for one who own my goals and is fun loving:)

  2. Ohh what a dream to have a private instructor who motives me to do that 100 situps or to tell me how to do the exercises correctly. I would be in a great shape in no time but with a load less money in the bank. So perhaps I could do the training with a friend for the motivation and use an app like you mention.

  3. Great post! I’ve never hired a trainer, but have wanted to in the past. I may have to take on these steps and perhaps look into hiring a trainer sometime soon! Thanks for sharing. xx

  4. I would love a personal trainer. These are great tips to think about for anyone hiring one. Like you I’d want one physically with me, I’m not sure how I feel about apps / virtual trainers.

  5. These are all important questions to ask, especially if the person is certified. As a dietitian I know there is a lot of confusion over the difference between a dietitian and nutritionist so this is definitely an important point!

  6. I’d love to have a personal trainer one day but it just doesn’t make sense financially right now. These are really great tips for determining what kind of path to take!

  7. Some really good and practical points here. It’s true that you really need to find a coach that can best resonate with the person you are as well as the work out you need. That isn’t always as easy as it sounds and these tips really help focus on things that will help you with that process.

  8. That is truly one factor or a ley to consider to add or keep your motivation and makes your fitness plan successful. Thanks for the insights they are all helpful.

  9. These are important questions to ask before hiring a personal coach. I don’t think I could ever afford one personally. Plus I imagine they wouldn’t let me eat my cake and chocolates, so…

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