Step By Step Guide to Start Blog on WordPress


Why is the best platform to pair with your blog hosting!

There’s a reason 75.6 million bloggers use the platform.

Ok, that’s pretty compelling… Why else?

  • WordPress is something you need to learn.

Especially those of you new to blogging, WordPress is not going anywhere. Yes, it may be a little scary jumping in feet first to self-hosting your own blog, but I really regret every second I wasted on other “free” platforms (Wix and others).

They robbed me of the precious time that I should have spent mastering WordPress.

  • WordPress is the most powerful blogging platform, ever.

As you grow into becoming a better blogger, you’re going to want certain features, capabilities, blogging tools, and just general awesomeness not provided by other platforms.

Most bloggers usually run into this exact problem:

They start by using a different blogging platform other than WordPress, hear about a cool new plugin or feature PERFECT for their audience, and realize they cannot use it because it’s only offered on WordPress.

It sucks, but is likely going to happen if you go elsewhere.

  • You’ll have resources for days.

Because millions of bloggers use WordPress, support forums and free WordPress training is beyond abundant on Youtube and other platforms.

New and easy-to-use resources will always be there for your taking.

  • It’s professional.

It’s the blogging platform we use to run our 6-figure blog, It’s what every blog professional I know uses and is the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) when it comes to creating blogs and websites.

I hope I made a compelling argument to use WordPress, because now we are going to look at the actual host you should use…

In next post, I will be sharing the entire step by step guide to setup blog for free.

Love, Sonika

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