5 Quick Tricks To Make Your Skin Look Freaking Good

Nighttime is the right time to take years off your face.

“Hormonal changes boost blood flow to the skin, brightening it overnight. Skin temps are higher, too, so age-fighting potions seep deeper for better results. And even though you’re resting, your skin is hard at work. Studies show that cell turnover is 8 times faster at night, softening wrinkles.

To maximize your beauty sleep, follow this routine nightly to wake up with the complexion of your dreams.

  1. Keep it clean

Washing your face plays two important roles: it removes damaging dirt and makes your night cream work harder. Removing makeup, oil, and other impurities helps keep pores tight and skin blemish free. Anti-aging treatments can also penetrate deeper on a clean surface. For dry skin, look for a creamy cleanser; for acne-prone or oily skin, a gel formula. If your skin is sensitive, wait 10 minutes after cleansing before applying anti-agers.

  1. Rejuvenate with a retinoid

Choose an anti-ager that packs real power. These vitamin-a derivatives are key to youthful-looking skin. “But because exposure to sunlight can deactivate their potency, it’s best to apply retinoid at night. Start by using an OTC retinol-containing cream or lotion every other night until skin becomes acclimated to the side effects. Try: Neutrogena Tone Correcting Concentrated Serum Night from Ageless Intensives.

  1. Erase dark circles

Dot under your eyes with vitamin K cream. Women who applied an undereye cream containing vitamin K and retinol every night have less dark circles. Vitamin K is sensitive to ultraviolet light and should be used only at night.

  1. Apply a mega-moisturizer

Plump and condition your skin to help disguise signs of aging and prevent further damage. Due to nighttime increase in temperature and water loss, extra hydration is a must. For best results, look for a cream with the superhydrators hyaluronic acid or glycerin, which attract water to skin. The extra dose of softening also makes wrinkles less noticeable in the morning.

  1. Sleep tricks for amazing skin

Revive your complexion with 4 easy tweaks to your nighttime routine:

Convert to sleeping on your back. Lying on your stomach or on the same side every night can etch permanent sleep lines into your skin. If you can’t adjust, switch to a satin pillowcase; the silky texture prevents crinkles.

Hope tricks helps to fight against the problems you have for your skin. Do let us know in comments below which trick work best for you.



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  1. Neutrogena Tone Correcting Concentrated Serum Night from Ageless Intensives – I have heard a lot about this cream. I need to check it out. Great post and some awesome suggestions!

  2. I love articles about how to take care of your face. I’m so happy that you put washing face at the frst place. This is crucial for anyone who want to look forever young and beautiful everyday. I can’t picture myself going to sleep with any make up. I think cleaning face is the most important. I always do it with oils as I just like their smell 🙂


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