7 Protein Rich Foods Which Will Help To Boost Metabolism

On every second post on Social Media, we saw something about weight loss. We often get confused with the process, end up getting an inappropriate result. Protein is the key ingredient which helps in weight loss and builds muscle. But getting protein from vegetarian foods is quite difficult.

We never want anything, which makes our life boring.So here, we have seven power packed protein foods that will boost your metabolism.


This one is hands-down one of the most powerful weight loss foods of all time. In fact, several studies found that people who ate half a fresh grapefruit a day lost 1.58 Kilos in 12 weeks without going on a diet or exercise.


Peas are a rich source of protein. Eat them raw or steam and top them with a dab of butter and sea salt, there are endless recipes to make your ordinary bowl of peas tastier. You’ll add a gram of protein for every 15 calories you consume from eating peas!


Mushrooms are packed with protein and they taste great too. In fact, most mushrooms deliver about 4 grams of protein per serving, for less than 40 calories.


Pomegranate or any fruit may not be your go-to option for protein but here’s the fun fact, pomegranates are known as the powerhouse of protein! If you’re wondering where it’s stored then its a valid question! The answer to it is, in the seeds of the fruit. Now you know what your favourite fruit should have been.


The king nut when it comes to protein is the humble peanut, when you want to lose belly fat, according to EatThis. In fact, it tops pecans (2.5 grams), cashews (5 grams) and even almonds (8 grams) in the protein power rankings. Peanuts are also terrific sources of the mood-boosting vitamin folate. We’re def carrying a bag of these boys in our purses, daily FNO. 😉


You knew this food was gonna make it to this list, didn’t you? And we’re guessing you do believe in the myth of discarding the yolk, but here’s why you shouldn’t – Two-thirds of the egg’s protein is in the white, but egg yolks are the single best dietary source of the vitamin B choline, an essential nutrient used in the construction of all the body’s cell membranes.


It may look like they’re packed with carbs (more so because it tastes so yum) and how can anything that tastes so good, be healthy? Well, you’ll be surprised to know that falafels are little balls of chickpeas and herbs that add a gram of protein for every 25 calories, you consume from eating it.


I hope this list will help you all to get your desired food.

Love, Sonika

21 Comments on “7 Protein Rich Foods Which Will Help To Boost Metabolism”

  1. This is a very informative post. I love falafels, and I also love quinoa, which is also a great source of protein. Thanks for sharing this post. 🙂

  2. Cool lits must for all of us to know and include in diet. SInce I’m a vegetarian, I include all of these except eggs along with Dal+rice for my protein requirement.

  3. You have introduced great protein rich foods to me as some of them are known to me. I was not knowing about Pomegranates as a rich source of protein. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow! These are some awesome protein rich food. Except mushrooms…I enjoy eating all of these and the best thing is that these will help in weight loss 🙂

  5. The falafel shocked me! I had no idea what they were and I always thought it was horrible for you! Also, I bookmarked your post, because I am going to need it for planning a meal plan! Thank you for sharing!

  6. I have done several of these to cut down weight in the past before. They have definitely worked. I really need to get back to the grapefruit and the eggs. They are so beneficial.

  7. Nice post. I’m actually in the process of shifting towards a more plant based diet, so this is a great post to come across at this time. It’s easy to forget that you can often get even greater protein from the right mixture of vegetables and large portions of meat are not necessarily important in your diet.

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