UnPredictable Is Red

If I would describe my mood when I choose my clothes is very unpredictable. I would love to dress up in traditional outfits like saree, suits and lehenga as they define our culture and core values perfectly. I never hesitate to experience with my style. My style has evolved a lot with time which has encouraged me to share my thoughts about particular fabric, style and colour for individual body types.

My body is very prone to weight gain. It gains weight even if I drink water, 😛 Thanks to so many festivals which just passed, I was overloaded with amazing snacks, sweets and of course homemade white butter which is in my favourites.

Due to all this, I looked for options which can hide my tummy, my topmost concern and comfortable as well. So, I opted for this amazing outfit which is perfect to wear.


This outfit is made up of georgette fabric with handworked embroidery. Since it has cotton fabric which is stitched underneath, it doesn’t hurt your skin at all and is very comfortable to wear.

Let’s see what you might have to say about this look now, shall we?
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21 Comments on “UnPredictable Is Red”

  1. I hope that you had a good Diwali and I have to say this is a gorgeous outfit on you. I love the contrast between the red and the gold and the embroidery is beautiful too!

  2. I just love the clothes women wear in India. They’re always so colorful, beautiful, and fun. The one you’ve chosen is no exception (maybe because red is my favorite color). It looks super comfortable and it’s nice to have things that fit no matter if we’re big or small on any particular day. x

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