How to Tame Frizzy Hair?

I personally have struggled with frizzy hair my whole life and know how upsetting and daunting it can be. When I was younger, I didn’t know what was wrong with my hair and I didn’t know what to do to make it normal. My mother uses to put lots of Multani Mitti with curd in my hair as my grandmother suggested her but that all spoiled more and the frizz continues. Later someone suggested having a haircut to tame those ends which were a disaster. After that haircut, my entire school started to tease me with the name of Abdul Kalam(he was president of India those days) but guys that were not the compliment. Struggle doesn’t end here: to treat that frizzy hair, my friends suggested to go for rebounding and that was the worst decision of my life. I literally spoiled my hair.

On those days, my all the friends use to have beautiful silky straight hair, and I just thought – why god is so unfair with me. After all those experiments, I went back to my mother to ask for the cure then she also said do whatever you want to do, my advice you will never listen. This was the truth, she advised me not to go for rebounding but still, i went for it.

Motherlove is incredible and that’s why she is the mother. She still advised me so many tips and use to oil my hair several times in a month and use to prepare hair masks and apply them. I completely abide by the comment that she is the only person responsible for my hair health today.

So through years of trial and error and trying different techniques and products, I learned how to deal with this crazy frizzy just with help of my mother.

1. Choose a sulphate-free, preferably organic shampoo.

Look for a shampoo which is sulphate-free and specially made for dry hair. Organic products are best for the skin as well as for hair. Harmful chemicals are not at all beneficial for hair.

2. Always use conditioner

Keeping your hair topped up with moisture prevents the cuticle from opening up and letting moisture in, keeping it smooth. Look for a conditioner that contains glycerin and apply it from mid-lengths down to your ends. Keep it away from your roots to prevent oiliness.

3. Once a week, apply oil on your hair.

You might think your hair doesn’t need to be oiled several times a month, but it does. Every week, apply oil to your scalp and massage it properly. The Oil helps in maintaining PH level of the scalp and promotes hair growth. I used castor oil.

4. Use a hydrating mask twice a month.

Keeping hair hydrated helps prevent the hair opening up and letting in moisture contributing to the frizz. Doing a mask of Banana with honey will keep hair moisturized and is perfect for frizzy hair.

5. Let your hair air dry 90% of the way before blow-drying.

This is a stylist’s trick and it is honestly life changing! By letting your hair 90% dry you are not disrupting the hair strand as it’s drying, which helps keep it smooth. It also means, as you then blow-dry with a brush you get a much sleeker finish as the heat is being directed down the hair. The bristles are also guiding the cuticle keeping it straight. Result – oh-so-smooth!

Some Frizzy Hair DOs:

  • When you come out of the shower, towel dry your hair very gently using a soft cotton t-shirt instead of a harsh towel and start brushing slowly from the bottom of your hair moving up.
  • Use a little bit of argan oil after drying and spread it evenly throughout the hair. If there are still some frizzy hairs left at the top, use a tiny bit of vaseline and smooth them down. Have it handy with you when you go out!

Frizzy Hair DON’Ts:

  • Don’t ever brush your hair when it’s dry. It’s just going to create a frizzy mess.
  • Stop feeding your hair alcohol. If you look at most of your products and look at the ingredients – most drugstore products will have alcohol, because it’s really cheap for them to put it and they put it in most of your products.

Hope you enjoy reading it. Don’t forget to share your favorite hair mask for the season.

Love, Sonika.

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  1. My mop of hair likes to go full frizz, and though I do most of these things already I could definitely be better about oil and hair masks. I have plenty of castor oil that I use for a number of other things, perhaps this will be an addition to the list! Thanks for the tips!

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