How to Connect with People?

Networking is so important today. Many of us are truly gifted with this opportunity, however, some need proper techniques to connect with them. The very basic concept is to connect as much as you can with the people. A personal touch to your conversations can always pay an addon. If you are so shy, so these are the techniques which you should learn at first.

Reach on Time.

It is very important that you reach out to any event or get together always on time since it makes other people feel that you care about them. Their presence and time are most valuable to you. Respect other people time and get respect.

Keep your goal clear for the outing.

Why you are going to that particular event, these goals should be very clear to you. This might make you feel greedy but that is very important. When your end goals are clear to you then it helps a lot in not getting distracted.

Pay Importance to other person names.

When someone is introducing you to himself or his company, you should pay attention to the details. This is a very important step of networking when that you pay importance to what other people are saying. You should also be very gentle while sharing your details with them.

Don’t be greedy all the time.

Sometimes it is always fine that you share your business with others and expect some kind of work with them. But it not that important, you should not do this all the time you meet anyone. You should respect their space and allow them enough time to work around. You should first make other people comfortable and then work on other things.

Mind your Questions.

You should be aware of the fact, what questions you asking to someone. Never ask personal questions when meeting professionally. You should understand the difference between a personal and professional relationship.

I hope these tips will help you as well. Since these worked perfectly for me.

Keep sharing healthy enzymes with your friends.

Love, Sonika

16 Comments on “How to Connect with People?”

  1. A person’s name is so important and it’s a great way to really CONNECT, especially during first encounters. I also love that you mentioned it was important to mind your questions – no one wants to feel uncomfy or like their being “sized up” …. so yes!!! Great tips!

  2. these are some great tips 🙂 for networking or just in general , I think it helps a lot especially for the ones with social anxiety like me

  3. Great share! It would be really helpful not only in business but in everyday dealing either be with friends or loved ones, its always important to be genuinely interested with people – and those tips will show that.

  4. Great tips! I’ve found also that looking someone in the eye matters a lot, as does remembering their name. Admittedly, I’m awful with names, so I’ll try to ask them a question I can remember them by. For example, what’s their favorite hobby or do they have a pet. Little connections like this seem to make a big difference.

  5. Great tips, but I alway tired to get to know other professionals on a personal level but asking personal questions that showed interest in their lives outside of work. I have made good friends in professional settings. I agree that names are very important, it is proven that everyone likes to hear the sound of their name.

  6. Wonderful tips, to the point and easy to follow! I have always been an extrovert, so connecting with other people, never has been an issue,but I see how it can be very stressful as well!

  7. Those are some nice tips. I do think it’s okay to be a bit personal – just not overly – in making professional connections. Sometimes it’s that little spark of a human connection that makes you memorable – and vice versa.I can’t agree more about how important it is to be on time for professional meetings!

  8. For me, I think remembering a person’s name and using it during the conversation is the best way to establish a good connection. People love it when they hear their name and gives them the impression that you are really listening to what they are saying. Thanks for these tips!

  9. I used to be scared to interact and speak in public or to a group of people whom I have met for the first time. However, I think your tips are great, and I have successfully overcome the shyness. Addressing a person by their name is by far the most effective way of establishing a connection.

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