How To Get Perfect Foundation?

Foundation is not matching to my skin tone. Foundation makes my skin look dull. Foundation makes my skin look red. There are several others questions which come to mind when we talk about foundation. To get perfect Foundation for our skin is always a complicated task. In this post, I will explain all my tips to sort our your these all queries.

  • Why we need foundation?
  • What is foundation made of?
  • How to get perfect foundation for skin tone?
  • What to do when foundation gets Oxidized?
  • How to get a Glowing skin with foundation?

Why we need foundation?

Foundation is used to hide all the blemishes on the skin. Foundation is used to even out the skin tone. Foundation should be matching to your skin. If the foundation is not matching with your skin tone then it can make your skin look cakey. Makeup is all about looking beautiful as naturally as we can. We often tend to miss this step and apply so much makeup which is not appropriate and end up looking cakey.

What is foundation made of?

The first thing which is considered while making foundation is pigment which is generally of the brown shade. Depending on shade which you have the plan to make, you add white pigment and brown pigment accordingly.

The second product in the foundation is the binder. It helps us to determine what will be the consistency of the foundation. For Instance, If you want to make cream foundation when the quantity of binder will be less. However, for liquid foundations, the quantity of binder will be high. Depending on what kind of product we trying to make all these ingredients are decided.

How to get perfect foundation for skin tone?

  • Oily Skin: Go for a foundation which is of Matt finish. Since we don’t any additional gloss to our skin.
  • Normal Skin: Go for a Dewy foundation as well as a Matt foundation, this will make your skin look bright and fresh.
  • Sensitive Skin: Go for the mineral based foundation since it contains so many minerals which prevent any kind of breakouts on your skin.

To decide your shade, you should apply foundation from your cheek to your neck. Keep it for at least for an hour and then decide if you want to get the shade. Because sometimes our foundation gets oxidised and make skin look red.

What to do when foundation gets Oxidized?

If your foundation gets oxidized, the best way is to use some compact powder of light shade which can help you to balance out the shade. You can also go for foundations which don’t get oxidised like Mac for me it really works very well.

How to get a Glowing skin with foundation?

Foundations always work best when it has a perfect canvas to work with. So we need to create a canvas first to get the best from the foundations. To create canvas we have to use PRIMERS.

Primers act as a base and create a perfect canvas. Always try to use Gel based primers. They will eventually close all the pores, creating the perfect base for the skin.

AloeVera Gel is best natural primer for the skin.

Always do research while buying foundations. Don’t just blindly follow the trend.  Never forget your skin type and select foundation based on your skin type.

Love, Sonika.

9 Comments on “How To Get Perfect Foundation?”

  1. Thank you for clarifying the difference of foundations. I always pick the same one but it’s nice to know the difference for each skin type.

  2. One of my least favorite makeup items to shop for and apply is foundation ! Finding the right one and applying it correctly seems somewhat more of a science than an art 🙂 Making foundation mistakes is far too easy. Thanks so much for sharing !

  3. This is a great guide. I’ve never really used foundation (I just use a bronzer powder and that’s in) . But I know that makeup mistakes happen sooooo often to girls that wear them, it’s important to know what you’re putting on your skin.

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