Pro Tips On How To Easily Get Hair Volume

Having big, sexy, voluptuous hair simply comes down to knowing what to do with it.

You actually don’t have to have massive amounts of hair to get hair volume. (although let’s be real, lots of hair doesn’t hurt!)

It’s all about having the right products and a few insider secrets to achieve a salon look at home.

I don’t want to start this post by bursting your bubble, BUT this is going to take a little effort – some more than others. I know we all want instant results, but the truth is that some things just take extra time. This may be one of them. It all depends on what’s most important to you regarding your beauty routine.

For me, good hair and skin are the top 2 things that make me feel the best.

Here’s what you need in order to get amazing hair volume:

1) Great Haircut

2) Proper Styling products

3) Proper Tools

4) Pro Tips


  • It’s much easier to get lift at the root if you have a few layers in the hair.
  • It’s not necessary to have short layers, but even just a little texturizing under the hair will provide lift.
  • Invest in a high-quality haircut because your hair is something you wear Every Day. I see girls buying fancy dresses for $100+ that they only wear once, but they won’t spend money on their haircut yet their hair in on their head every day. If you want to look fabulous….spend wisely!

Proper Styling Products

  • Look for products that say use the verbiage “Thicken,” “Volumize,” or “Fortifying.” (or BIG hair hehe)
  • Make sure to use a Volumizing shampoo and only put conditioner on your ends of your hair.
  • When you’re trying to create volume in naturally flat hair, more is not less! Use enough product to give your hair the lift it’s lacking.
  • If your hair doesn’t have support from products then it’s never going to hold a shape.
  • While the hair is wet, apply a direct root lifter like AG Root Thickening Serum. This would be in addition to an all over product (that you will use next).
  • No matter what your hair texture please always remember to spray a heat protectant on dry hair if you plan to use any hot tools afterwards. I really like Hot Off The Press bc it adds protection + hold and doubles as a hair spray.
  • Speaking of spray…use a great hairspray. Spray isn’t just for the 80’s anymore. It serves a purpose and really makes a difference. I personally like Sebastian Shaper.

Proper Styling Tools

  • Invest in a nice blow dryer. This one is the one I use at home right now; it’s a great dryer for the price! But…Omg have y’all seen the Dyson hair dryer?! I haven’t used it myself yet, but I want the fuchsia one SO bad. A few of my friends have it and they say that it dries so much faster and keeps the hair so shiny. Anything Dyson is awesome.
  • My favorite round brushes are Bio Ionic. I have been using them for 12+ years professionally and personally. They really help condition the hair, add lots of shininess, and the hair doesn’t get tangled or stuck in the brush! The “large” size is a great all around size to create volume. If you’re hair is really long, opt for the XL size.
  • My #1 professional styling secret is the Sam Villa Texture Iron. It is literally life changing. This iron can increase the volume and texture in hair up to 3x! It’s perfect for adding volume in fine hair or for creating updos, wedding hairstyles, thicker braids and more. This is essentially a micro crimper, so its really great for getting close to the scalp and giving your roots massive lift!
  • There’s nothing wrong with going old school with a Hot Air Brush. One of my sweetest clients brought one of these in for me to use on her hair. I actually had never used one, but I remembered my mom having one when I was growing up. This actually worked really well! I think it’s perfect for someone who has a hard time round brushing themselves, and wants an easier and in that department. Highly recommended.
  • If you like to wear your hair natural and wavy/curly, please try a diffuser. It’s the best way to get lift at the root while maintaining soft, frizz-free curls.

Professional Tips

  • To get extra volume that lasts, always blow dry hair upside down & make use of the Cold Shot function. Flip your head over and dry your hair on warm/high heat until its completely dry. BEFORE you flip back, put your dryer on the COOL setting and blast the root until it isn’t warm anymore. The hair is still malleable when it’s warm, so you’ll want to blow cold air at the roots to keep them lifted.
  • Get acquainted with “root bumping.” This is great technique that you can start doing today as long as you have a curling iron (preferably a one inch iron). Root bumping, which is where you take a one inch section of the hair and wrap the hair around the iron barrel at the roots to ‘bump’ up volume. This isn’t going to curl the hair, but its providing a bump of volume a the base of the hair, which can provide you with a little extra lift.
  • Secretly add micro texture at the crown of head and root of hair with the Sam Villa Texture Iron. (mentioned above) No one will know what you did, but they definitely will be envious of your big sexy hair!
  • Fall in love with Dry Shampoo! Dry shampoo with help your color last longer, and it gives your hair extra texture and volume. I wash my hair only about once a week, and the other days I load up on dry shampoo. I have yet to find one that I like better than Kenra’s Dry Platinum. In my opinion, you can’t beat it. Plus, it makes your hair smell great!
  • Use a fine tooth comb, take one inch sections, and tease your entire head EVENLY. This means count each comb stroke. SO if you backcomb one section 7 times, then you must backcomb every section 7 times. This makes for even volume and no shallow spots!

Happy Big Hair Day!


Shhh…If your girlfriends ask you what your big hair secrets are, tell them that you found them on my blog!

❤️ Sonika.