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We don’t need to reveal to you twice that our planet is a delightful place. It is more clear with Netflix and National Geo series, it’s less demanding than at any other time to neglect to really value it. All things considered, no more! Mother Earth is a power to be figured with—and it’s on us to do all that we can to enable her to keep up her enchantment. That incorporates picking more characteristic items, eating more normal, entire sustenances, and, maybe in particular, getting outside as regularly as could be allowed—so we recollect what we’re preserving in any case.

Last week, I went to Udupi and it was a mesmerizing experience. Nature, culture, food everything was quite extraordinary. The more I get to close to nature, more I realize its beauty. I realized that there are several things in which we are lacking behind and not preserving our earth nature. So I decided to list out some points which we can help us serve better to the environment.

  • Do Not Litter

This is seriously not a good idea to just throw litter wherever you want. You must use a proper place to dispose of litter. Try to use recyclable products. Avoid using less plastic. If we do not litter then it will resolve most of the problems.

  • Do Not Play with Nature

After traveling so many places that people have done the modification to nature as per their comfort. They somehow have forgotten that nature is a free spirit and it will not follow you.  If you try to be in its path, it will give so much harm and cause disasters. So its better to let nature be on its own and beautiful.

  • Use Organic Products

Here I might get a question, how using organic products can help nature, but they do. Use of Organic Products will reduce the use of urea and so many other pesticides which are causing harms to our body and nature both.

  • Plant Trees

You all might have noticed, we always feel positive and fresh when we are surrounded by greens. So try to plant at least once a month in your area which will help to reduce the CO2 as well as give so much positivity as well.

I have implemented all of these tips in my life, I hope these all will also help you and make you live a healthy and happy life.

Love, Sonika.

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