If you want a bikini body and just to cut down those little fats around your belly, then this is the page where you should land up. This 7-day slim down diet is not something which will do drastic weight loss but yes definitely it will help you cut those extra bulges you have around your stomach. You need to keep yourself active and hydrated throughout this entire diet.  These are the few steps you should follow to get into this diet.

Tips to follow during 7-day slim down diet.

Intense Workouts:

You should workout at least one hour a day, to get your expected result. Keep yourself engaged in some treadmill, cross trainer exercises and keep the target to burn almost 400 calories in a day.

Keep Track of your Macros:

You should keep track of your macros, since this very crucial. You should know your daily intake, what you eating and how you should burn all those calories. You can download some apps as well to keep track of your macros.

Limit evening carbs:

For many, it’s not sustainable for long, but cutting carbs at night can be a fast way to feel your slimmest. Cut out the carbs a few nights this week with these three low-carb dinners that still satisfy, whatever you’re craving.

Don’t drink calories:

Stay away from calories which get into your body with drinks. Avoid drinking alcohol, shakes overloaded with sugar. Stay away from happy hours, instead enjoy those hours at home.

Debloat Yourself:

Belly bloat can make you uncomfortable, especially when you’re feeling exposed on the beach. Drink warm water every morning at starting of the day and try to add few drops of lemon as well to it.

Foods to avoid during 7-day slim down diet.

There are several foods which can be very harmful to you and can affect your goal.

  • Avoid eating a banana.
  • Don’t overgo with fat products, a tablespoon a day is enough.
  • Don’t eat Simple carbs like maida and white rice.
  • Stay away from fried foods.
  • Don’t drink alcohol.


7-day slim down diet plan

Sunday will be a cheat day. Try not to eat any sugar. Keep yourself active throughout the entire schedule. Don’t forget to let us know what you liked the most.

Love, Sonika.