Do You Know What is Depression And How It Is Killing People?

Satisfaction is so important in our life. We often get dissatisfied in our life when we don’t get want we want and this leads to depression.

What is depression?

While we all feel sad, moody or low from time to time, some people experience these feelings intensely, for long periods of time (weeks, months or even years) and sometimes without any specific reason. Depression is more than just a low mood – it’s a serious condition that affects your physical and mental health. To be diagnosed with depression, symptoms must be present most of the day, nearly everyday for at least 2 weeks.

The depression is of two types feeling low for a short period and clinical depression. The good news is, clinical depression can be treated.


The stages of depression are not scientifically agreed upon. However, it is true that there are stages a depressed person goes through. This is the pattern people generally follow as per psychiatric:

  • Depression is first characterized by anger. People do not accept that they suffer from depression; they brush it off as just a low point in their life. Then they feel angry at the world and its injustices. They question why are they the ones picked to go through this suffering?
  • This stage is followed by encapsulating the depression and confronting it. This can include trying to strike bargains with it to make it leave or negotiating with it to leave you alone.
  • Later comes the lowest of the low – feeling so depressed that getting out of bed is a task, getting dressed and going to work is impossible. You may keep thinking of death and how welcome it may be. At this stage, family members are worried and push you to take psychiatric treatment.
  • Acceptance is the last stage when you acknowledge that you have an illness and it needs to be treated. A life spent in this condition seems to be agony, and you know you need help. Mental illness is something to absorb, accept and treat.

Depression is world’s leading illness and is one of the major reasons for suicides globally, says the World Health Organization (WHO). 


These are the main symptoms which may occur when someone feels depressed.

  1. Feeling depressed for almost the whole day, especially in the mornings after waking up
  2. Feeling tired and low on energy daily
  3. Indecisiveness
  4. Low concentration
  5. Feeling guilty and/or worthless constantly
  6. Sleepless nights or too much sleeping almost daily
  7. No pleasure or interest in any activities
  8. Feeling restless or bogged down
  9. Repeatedly thinking about death and suicide
  10. Marked increase or decrease in body weight


Impacts of depression on an individual?

Depression affects different people in different ways. For example:

Women suffer from depression more often than men. Biological, life cycle and hormonal factors that are unique to women may be the reason for their higher depression rate. Women with depression typically have symptoms of sadness, worthlessness, and guilt.

Men with depression are more likely to be very tired, irritable, and sometimes angry. They may lose interest in work or activities they once enjoyed, have sleep problems, and behave recklessly, including the misuse of drugs or alcohol. Many men do not recognize their depression and fail to seek help.

Older adults with depression may have less obvious symptoms, or they may be less likely to admit to feelings of sadness or grief. They are also more likely to have medical conditions, such as heart disease, which may cause or contribute to depression.

Younger children with depression may pretend to be sick, refuse to go to school, cling to a parent, or worry that a parent may die.



Reach out to people who matter and involve them in your cure. Suffering from depression is much harder when alone. Having trusted family and friends by your side can go a long way in speeding up your recovery.

Sonika balyan

Exercise regularly to boost secretion of feel-good hormones like serotonins and endorphins. Exercising also increases the growth of brain cells and synapses which are the connections in the brain. This helps you to fight out of depression. Aim to do at least 30 minutes of exercise daily, even if it just means going for a brisk walk. Getting your body moving may seem like the hardest thing in the world, but stick to it.


Sleep for at least seven to nine hours every night. This is the amount of sleep you need to rest your brain and body. Sadness, mood swings, fatigue, and irritability all increase if you are sleep-deprived. Sufficient sleep is an effective weapon to combat depression.


Take care of your nutrition. Eat small-sized balanced meals at regular intervals instead of a big, heavy meal. Avoid sugary foods even if they make you feel good momentarily. Complex carbohydrates are a better choice for gaining higher energy levels in the long run. Skip the coffee. Replace it with tulsi tea or infused water.

Natural anti-depressants like cashew nuts, turmeric in milk or food, bananas, whole grains, leafy vegetables should be considered before popping any prescription drugs.

Get plenty of sunlight. This ensures you get enough Vitamin D and helps you feel more cheerful too. Eliminate stress creators from your life, whether they exist in your work or personal life.

Naturopathy Therapies like foot bath and certain yoga asanas along with Pranayam can help you release the stress in your mind and body.


Try and relax after a day’s work. Find your “me” time to connect with self. Spend time in nature away from gadgets. Do things you enjoy – get a massage, listen to music, play a sport, or spend time with your loved ones.

It’s all about finding the calm in the chaos!



22 Comments on “Do You Know What is Depression And How It Is Killing People?”

  1. Thanks for your post! I have been living with one for 15 years. Even thought he is not diagnosed with depression but something else he still has regulary this “depression” in him. But luckly he has never this suicidal feeling. Its very hard for the person but equally the family and friends who are around that person. He has gotten so much better ever since he regonise the symptomes and take the warning signs seriously. Since 7 years he meditate, make regulary the sports and eat less junk. It has help him a lot and he hasnt had any big downfall as before.

  2. Depression is a very serious mental illness that is still a stigma. People hide from it and pretend that it doesn’t exist while trying to go on with their lives while it destroys them on the inside. It is important to see and identify depression and seek for help.

  3. I can pretty much. I too suffer from it. Even doing some of it still don’t work. Instead talking to someone help. But what should we do if that person let us down? Happened with me many times.

  4. Thank you for speaking candidly about depression. I have depression myself and it actually took me a long time to even realize that I had it as I would say I was fine when I was not. I think that people telling me I was a drama queen did not help and it wasn’t until 6 years later , actually when I started blogging that I even acknowledged that I had a mental health issue. We should all be able to talk about it freely because it should not be a stigma as some people have made it out to be!

  5. Depression is one of the most dangerous diseases in the world, the sad part is most of the times people deny having it. I dealt with depression years back; but all that helped me in dealing with it and coming out of it was my true friends, my family, and a bit of will power. Thankfully, I didn’t feel suicidal, but I know it can lead to that point if you have no one to talk to, listen to you, or understand you. Thanks for sharing this post, I’m sure it will help so many people.

  6. Sometimes we have to differentiate clinical depression from simple bouts of sadness or low self esteem. Clinical depression is treated with medication to avoid manic episodes, while a person who experiences sadness can be helped by removing the person from the factors that causes the feeling of sadness. I have experienced depression as a child and it was not a very pleasant experience to refuse going to school because of a great fear of abandonment. I am fortunate to have overcome the illness through medication and counseling.

  7. This is a great in-depth look at a condition that effects so many people but everyone is too scared to talk about. It’s important that information like this is so easy to find.

  8. Depression is a very serious mental illness not only for that person but also its very hard for the family and friends who are around that person. It is important to see and identify depression and take proper medication to get rid off before it destroy.

  9. Given the serious nature of the subject, and knowing my share of people who suffer from it, I always defer to professional intervention and medical help.
    It is imperative to seek therapeutic options. The more access we have to professional help the more we can address this epidemic. I appreciate your insights.

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