about me

I am crazy to travel, lazy to sleep, positive to conquer new challenges, ambitious to achieve my dreams and foodie to eat any delicious vegetarian food on the planet.

I am Sonika Balyan, I started this blog to express my ideas, inspirations and story about success. I am an inquisitive person because of that I constantly keep myself improving.

I was not a fat kid but I was not healthy either. Ever since time evolved I realized being healthy is very important so I started doing exercise, five days a week. I made little changes in my lifestyle especially food and minimised sugar and carbohydrate intake. This made a huge difference in my life. I reduced 10 kgs of weight just by doing this. This journey motivated me to share my experience with people and help to live a healthy life.

I personally write here about fitness, food, life and fashion which is trending and scientifically proved. I passionately pursue an awesome living, choosing to naturally nourish my body and challenge my mind by declaring a life of positivity and opportunities and love to inspire others as well.

Never forget – Dream doesn’t work unless we do 🙂

In case, you found anything inappropriate on this site which is not scientifically never hesitate to write an email to me.

If any brand can add a positive value to someone’s life, I would love to promote it here.

You can write to me at fashionenzymes@gmail.com.